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Serving Value For Money Range of PVC Blister Tray For Small Slice Cake, PVC Blister Packing Tray, Rectangular Blister Packaging Tray, Etc.

About Us

Our well-known enterprise, Entek Corporation has been a definition of utmost reliability, responsibility and resourcefulness, since 1980. By serving as a manufacturer and wholesaler, we have been fulfilling the rising demands of packaging products in food sector. Through our innovation-oriented practices, we have been impressing companies & individuals who seek for better designs and qualities of PVC Blister Packs at cost-effective prices. Our offered assortment encompasses PVC Blister Tray For Small Slice Cake, Rectangular Blister Packaging Tray, PVC Blister Packing Tray, PVC Blister Packing Tray For Large Slice Cake and various more products.

We are well-aware of the corporate, social and communal needs in the respective field. Thus, our work processes are designed and modified over the period of time to become a better resource for the customers. Our major focus is also upon developing packaging products that are more feasible both environmentally and economically. With all this, we look forward to a brighter future of our company which is full of success & prosperity.

Our Policies

Over the decades, we have set several policies for ourselves to follow in order to sustain a continuous growth in the sector. These policies include:

  • Enhancement of the offered quality of PVC Blister Packs with time
  • Adaption of newer technology and work techniques periodically
  • Improvement of work practices for utmost customers satisfaction & retention 
  • Generation of high profits and revenue year over year

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

We have an ultramodern manufacturing unit established in the major industrial regions of Kolkata (West Bengal, India). Our entire premises is facilitated with advanced machinery and tools that are necessary for the continuous production of PVC Blister Packs. The overall unit helps us in producing around 500 Tons of PVC Blister Packaging Tray, PVC Blister Tray For Small Slice Cake, Rectangular Blister Packaging Tray, PVC Blister Packing Tray For Large Slice Cake and more items on monthly basis. With our sound facilities, we are also able to maintain required quality control in our internal industrial processes very efficiently. Packaging and timely shipment of items are one of the major advantages of our advanced manufacturing area.

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